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St. Arnold’s Brewery

Located in Houston, the Saint Arnold Brewing Company is Texas' Oldest Craft Brewery. Saint Arnold brews world class beers and delivers them as fresh as possible, giving  them the reputation of being one of the best beers in Texas. Fans of Saint Arnold's are  people who appreciate great, … [Read more...]

Dancing the night away.

The young at heart kick up their heals when Le Not So Hot Klub du Denton swings at Banter every 1st Tuesday of the month.  Many know how to dance in a tight spot while space is limited due to the size of the crowd. This doesn't put any sort of damper on the fun and enthusiasm felt by the dancers as … [Read more...]

Kimberly Cooper sings with the Notsos!

Talented vocalist, Kimberly Cooper captivates the fans as well as the band with stunning vocals. Backed by Le Not So Hot Klub du Denton, Kimberly shines with tunes such as Melancholy Baby, Pennies from Heaven, All of Me and many, many more. In this photo by Banter's Bob Ralph, Kimberly beams for her … [Read more...]

Le Not So Hot Klub du Denton

The Not So Hot Klub du Denton performs at Banter the First Tuesday Night of every month. Led by clarinettist, Andy Cooper, their line up always brings in special guest players to add their special flavor to the mix.  Le Not So Hot Klub plays compositions and cover tunes featured by gypsy jazz … [Read more...]

Open Mic Night at Banter

Every Thursday night, Bonedoggie hosts and emcees Open Mic Night at Banter. Here we show the band Mockingbird Station who is joined by Bone Doggie singing backup. Every Thursday night brings 4 hours or more of music from any genre imaginable plus occasional readings of poetry or prose, comedy or … [Read more...]

Doug Raney Band

A variety of musicians populate the stage on a regular basis at Banter Bistro. Doug Raney and his band appear together and separately, playing their own sets, showing up at open mic night or sitting around the circle in sessions.  Always sharing their talents with whomever they find at Banter, the … [Read more...]

Oxide Gallery at Banter

The Oxide Gallery offers various media created by artists, many from Denton County and the North Texas area. Pieces are for sale on consignment and change frequently. Gallery owner, Warren Hooper, houses his main gallery at the corner of Hickory Street  and Carroll Boulevard and also displays … [Read more...]

Jazz on Saturday Nights

Jazz in Denton is abundant. Andy LaViolette heads up a varied line up of bands for Saturday evenings from 6 to 8. Some of Denton's old timers are astounded by the talent the younger generation of students can bring to the stage. Although a wide variety of ages are present on stage, students from … [Read more...]

Banter Bistro

Entertainment, imbibement and top cuisine comprised of organic food, fine coffees, a variety of iced and hot teas, wines from national as well as local vintners, beers and ales from micro-breweries some of which have developed into nationally known brands . Banter Bistro of Denton is on block off … [Read more...]

Our Delicious Menu

Investigatam diutissime quaestionem, quantum nostrae mentis igniculum lux diuina  dignata est, formatam rationibus litterisque mandatam offerendam uobis  communicandamque curaui tam uestri cupidus iudicii quam nostri studiosus  inuenti. Qua in re quid mihi sit animi quotiens stilo cogitata … [Read more...]