Acoustic Distortion with Steve Jackson & Thad Bonduris

It’s Springtime in Denton, the night before Easter and Banter Bistro off the Square basks in the sweet sounds of Acoustic Distortion. A late night crowd of fans, friends and family gather to listen to the creative output of a handful of well-seasoned musicians, comfortable in their places and happy to share with their listeners.

Acoustic Distortion is the name of the band headed by singer-songwriter, Steve Jackson. The band features a night of original tunes from Steve’s own pen, supported on lead guitar by Thad Bonduris, with Tyler McCarthy on bass and Pete Pravettoni on percussion.  These musicians know each other as well as the instruments they have mastered. Their music fits together like a carefully crafted vessel sailing the smooth and sultry swells of a calm sea under the studded night sky. That is what a night in Denton can bring with musicians that abound and talent that has aged gracefully over time, not in a hurry to finish, always growing in sophistication and maturity.

Thad Bonduris

Steve Jackson

Tyler McCarthy and Pete Pravettoni

Steve Jackson and Thad Bonduris

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  1. It was a pleasure to sit and listen to these musicians. The songs and lyrics were excellent, andthe delivery was suberb. It was a joy to be there.