Feb 14 is Last Session at Banter

The Denton Irish Traditional Music Session will only have one more session at Banter Bistro before moving to a new location, close by at Sweetwater Grill & Tavern. Saturday, February 14 is our last session at Banter. There will be no session on February 28. Starting March 14, we will … [Read more...]

The Denton Black Film Festival and Banter After-Hours

Schedule includes: Belle, Half of a Yellow Sun, Wolf, The Forgotten Kingdom, Dear White People, an encore screening of When We Were All Broncos and a special screening of The Black List. For details and tickets, visit dentonbff.com. www.facebook.com/DentonBlackFilmFestival Afterward, come to … [Read more...]

Updated Information for Our Irish Music Session

The Denton Irish Traditional Music Session continues in 2015 on the second and fourth Saturday of the month from 3-5 p.m. See the session page for updated information, including how to get on the session mailing list. … [Read more...]

The Jesse Washmon Group

The Jesse Washmon Group returned to Banter Bistro for an evening of jazz drawing from a number of styles and composers.  Jesse Washmon heads the group on guitar with the support of Chike Okaro on bass and Andrew Nordan on drums. Just to name a few of the tunes played this evening: Four (Miles … [Read more...]

Irish Session Starts Anew at Banter

Starting in September 2013, John Murphy, B/C button accordion player, will lead a Traditional Irish Music session at Banter in Denton (219 W. Oak St.). In September and October, there will be an intermediate-level session from 3-5 p.m. on the second Saturday of the month. Starting in November, … [Read more...]

Pablo Burrull

Pablo Burrull is the man about town in Denton. Banter Bistro is one of the many places you find Pablo and here you may find him behind the bar, in the kitchen, or on the music stage. Pablo is a man of many talents and one of those is getting you the best in food, spirits, coffee, tea.....all the … [Read more...]

Bob Ralph

Bob Ralph runs sound most nights when music is highlighted. When the controls are set, you can see Bob checking the balance from all corners of the bistro. While his ears are at work balancing the EQs, his eyes and hands are at work using his digital camera to document the evening's events, the … [Read more...]

Kat Ralph

Kat Ralph is one of the family and a big part of what makes Banter a place of engagement for so many members of our community. Kat works in all positions at Banter Bistro and understands the details that make such wonderful food happen. … [Read more...]

Ellen Ryfle

Ellen Ryfle rarely gets to take a break. Even when she sits down, it's to tend to books, schedules, emailing vendors, customers, musicians, artists,.....the list goes on. Here is a rare moment when close friends and family dropped by demanding her to take a break. … [Read more...]

Stephen Johnson

Steve Johnson offers a helping hand at all points on demand. He's there to assist, repair, cleanup, install,....you name it, and always with his well known smile. … [Read more...]