Jimin Lee and Friends

Jimin Lee and Friends play jazz at Banter Bistro. Jimin Lee is a jazz vocalist studying at the University of North Texas. She produces beautiful vocal lines altering verses with improvised scat. Tonight Jimin is joined by Horace Gray on guitar and Patrick Carr on keyboard. The trio played … [Read more...]

The Future Eyes at Banter

The Future Eyes plays at Banter Friday, February 1 at 8pm. “The Future Eyes were formed in 2011 as four friends came together to put a live sound to the extensive catalog of Denton based singer/songwriter Kelbe Schrank (pronounced, "shronk"), including two previous self-produced albums. The … [Read more...]

Le Not So Hot Klub on Election Night

Early results spell out a hot race but Banter Bistro patrons instead raced to the Not So Hot Klub du Denton to catch the best in Denton for gypsy jazz where the only swing state counted would be the swing of Django Reinhardt. The tunes featured many favorites from the Not Sos' early days as … [Read more...]

The South Goes to Mr. Joe

Mr. Joe (Pinson) & Friends strike up another night of Dixieland Jazz for the First Tuesday bash at Banter Bistro in Denton. What a stellar line of musicians, too! Featured tonight are: Joe Pinson - trombone and vocals Captain Dave Hume - trumpet George Merritt - banjo Jeffrey Barnes - … [Read more...]

Bruce Balmer Solos at Banter

Bruce Balmer puts on a special solo event that displays what he is capable of on his own. For those who always see him along with the usual suspects, this is indeed an unexpected treat. Bruce features original compositions as well as classics....all with remarkable creativity. Bruce can sound like a … [Read more...]

Bonduris Music Rocks Banter Bistro

Thad Bonduris and Pablo Burrull of Bonduris Music showcase their students at Banter Bistro at the first of their series of Monthly Impromptu Student Recitals. Musicians and their families gather to enjoy great food and drink from the kitchen at Banter Bistro and share their music in front of a live … [Read more...]

Mayday, Mayday, Mister Joe

It's the first day of May and the first Tuesday at Banter Bistro in Denton, Texas. We're already streaming and steaming in typical foreshadowing of Summer. Captain Dave and Mister Joe sit on the front row along with banjoist, George Merritt. They serve on the front lines of Strictly Dixie, Denton's … [Read more...]

Le Not So Hot Klub

The first Tuesday, the first of May. It's Mayday and the Not So Hot Klub du Denton is the featured band at Banter Bistro in Denton.  The group's founding leader, Andy Cooper is visiting town tonight just for the event.  Thad Bonduris leads the group of masters of the gypsy jazz style of Django … [Read more...]

Acoustic Distortion with Steve Jackson & Thad Bonduris

It's Springtime in Denton, the night before Easter and Banter Bistro off the Square basks in the sweet sounds of Acoustic Distortion. A late night crowd of fans, friends and family gather to listen to the creative output of a handful of well-seasoned musicians, comfortable in their places and happy … [Read more...]

Jazz at Banter – February 25

The UNT Jazz Studies program supplied entertainment at Banter Bistro of Denton again!  Andy LaViolette called up another stellar line up of  young talent from the College of Music's nationally known and world renowned jazz department. Tonight's line up featured Ally Hany on trumpet, Alex Hahn on … [Read more...]