Jazz at Banter

Jazz in Denton is abundant. Andy LaViolette heads up a varied line up of bands for Friday and Saturday evenings (see our calendar). Some of Denton’s old timers are astounded by the talent the younger generation of students can bring to the stage. Although a wide variety of ages are present on stage, students from UNT’s jazz program dazzle the ears of listeners while Banter provides a supportive venue for these talented individuals to hone their craft.

Older generational musicians also populate the stage with a sense of time that reaches back for decades. This sharing of time today between young and old, between experience and high energy makes Denton a delightful place to come to. Banter Bistro is just a block off of Denton’s historic courthouse square and a short distance from one of the nation’s most acclaimed institutions of higher learning in the field of music. UNT’s jazz programs bring a flow of unmeasurable talent through our gates and Banter is so happy to offer these musicians a corner to grace their audiences with their astounding talent.

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