Our Staff

Pablo Burrull

Pablo Burrull is the man about town in Denton. Banter Bistro is one of the many places you find Pablo and here you may find him behind the bar, in the Read More

Bob Ralph

Bob Ralph

Bob Ralph runs sound most nights when music is highlighted. When the controls are set, you can see Bob checking the balance from all corners of the Read More

Kat Ralph

Kat Ralph is one of the family and a big part of what makes Banter a place of engagement for so many members of our community. Kat works in all Read More

Ellen Ryfle

Ellen Ryfle rarely gets to take a break. Even when she sits down, it's to tend to books, schedules, emailing vendors, customers, musicians, Read More

Steve Johnson

Stephen Johnson

Steve Johnson offers a helping hand at all points on demand. He's there to assist, repair, cleanup, install,....you name it, and always with his well Read More